May 2009 – What are you reading?

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Although the garden, the yard, and the bike paths beckon, I’m trying to keep some time devoted to a few good books.


This month the family reading is Neil Gaiman’s “The Graveyard Book.” For those of you with kids, you may find the longer chapters and more advanced vocabulary a good thing.

We’re only on chapter 3, so I’m not in any position to say much more about it. This might sound vague but the book is very uhmmm Gaiman and that’s very good to me.


For those precious moments of my own reading time I’ve picked up “One Man’s Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey” by Dick Proenneke and a rarely cited Sam Keith. While it is sure to sound very public media I don’t care, I like the read. Proenneke’s style is both practical and (just a smidge!) poetic, which suits his story of building a log cabin by hand in the Alaska wild.

Who here has watched the lovely & grainy version on PBS? It isn’t on their video site, but be sure to catch it when you can…you’ll recognize segments from the book.


Well, that’s my May in a two-book pack. What are you reading? What would you recommend?

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