‘Maybe We Can Canoodle?’ CTV Anchorman Andrew Johnson Accidentally Propositions Weather Girl

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It was one of the biggest news gaffs in recent history when a CTV news anchor, Andrew Johnson, propositioned the female weather girl right on the air. The Vancouver Island station had aired a story about a place in town where couples come to “canoodle,” which means basically to make out, fondle, or do a lot more in some instances.


An elderly woman was being interviewed in the story, talking about how people would come out for drinking, fighting, and “canoodling” at Union Bay. When the story ended, Johnson turned to the weather girl, Astrid Braunschmidt, and asked her to do just that.

“It’s time now for a full look at your forecast with Astrid. Maybe we can canoodle before you get into it,” Johnson started to ask with a smile.

Braunschmidt interrupted him immediately. “We’re not going to be canoodling,” she said, emphasizing how unlikely that scenario was with both hands. Apparently, it took a second for what he had said to sink in, because she then asked, “w-what?”

Immediately, a producer told Johnson via his earpiece what “canoodling” meant, and the anchorman turned a bright shade of red, explaining, “oh, I thought canoodle meant chat!” Uncontrollable laughter could be heard from the entire crew, and Astrid Braunschmidt broke into a fit of the giggles as well.

“You know what? You just made the blooper reel,” Astrid told Johnson, still laughing. “Good job, Andrew.” Embarrassed, Johnson told Braunschmidt, “take it away. Get me off camera.”

“Canoodling” is sort of a mystery word, with no one really sure where it came from originally. Some have suggested that the word originated in the United States, originally from the German word “knudeln” which mean “to cuddle.” However, others think that the word originated in Britain.

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