Mayor Leigh Dollar Wants to Confiscate Firearms from “Unruly” Citizens

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Mayor Leigh Dollar from Guntersville, Alabama has some nerve. She is working on an “emergency citizen disarmament ordinance” which would allow law enforcement to confiscate legally owned weapons in the event of a disaster, such as in the aftermath of a damaging storm. Will the ordinance pass?

looters will be shot Homeowners Issue Warnings To Looters Following Superstorm Sandy Canada Free Press reports that the proposal is being challenged by Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), who says that the city has “…no legal authority to adopt or enforce such an ordinance”. He further noted that after Hurricane Katrina, “New Orleans police forcefully disarmed peaceful, law-abiding citizens for no good reason.” After the hurricane, Governor Kathleen Blanco “issued emergency power orders” which led to some evacuees having their weapons confiscated, violating their second amendment rights.

This ordinance is troubling; as in the aftermath of a disaster, oftentimes chaos ensues. Law enforcement is often slow to respond. If people cannot protect themselves at the time of such an emergency (like in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy), they will be particularly vulnerable.

Reportedly Mayor Leigh Dollar’s unconstitutional proposal is slated for discussion at a city council meeting on March 4. Hopefully there will be a large showing of citizens demanding that their rights will not be infringed with this ordinance.

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