Mayor on Gays: ‘We Do Not Have Them in Our City’

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As surprising as it may seem, apparently there are no gays living in Sochi according to the mayor of that city. Sochi Mayor Anatoly Pakhomov also made it clear in a recent interview that even if homosexuals wanted to live in his city that being gay is not accepted in the Caucasus.

Russian President Vladimir Putin feels it is his and his countrymen’s right to choose what is acceptable in their nation when it comes to endorsing or eschewing deviant sexual lifestyles. But he says it will not impact how he or those same countrymen treat the guests and athletes who descent upon their part of the world for the Olympic games in February.

Gays have taken issue with this blatant opposition to their lifestyle choice, taking to the airwaves and print media to try to rally heterosexuals to join them in their fight for equality and acceptance. Thus far it appears that the heterosexual community is leaving gays to fend for themselves, as what can Pres. Obama or any American citizen do to make Russia like or accept a sexual lifestyle that they oppose?

Morally, Christians in America oppose the same lifestyle for biblical reasons, since it is a forbidden sin in the Bible, along with lying, stealing, sleeping with another man’s wife, and so on. So the LGBT community will find no eager supporters in that particular group of fellow citizens. Nor does it appear that their political champion, Pres. Obama, cares to try to take on Vladimir Putin on the topic, since he really can’t dictate to him.

So are there really no gay men and women in Sochi, as the mayor claims? If so, will that endear those who want to live in a gay-less society to suddenly move there?


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