McCain's Financial Advisor Responsible for Legislation that Destroyed Firewall Between the Financial Institutions & Investment Firms

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Back in 1999, Senator Phil Gramm, John McCain's campaign financial advisor, sponsored legislation that destroyed the firewall between the financial institutions and the investment firms. This, as we now know, was a huge mistake and led to much of the nightmare that we are now experiencing. This legislation was passed by a Republican controlled Congress, and unfortunately signed by President Bill Clinton. If McCain becomes president of this country, we can count on more of the same deregulation and corporate greed-feeding policies that brought this country to the brink of financial collapse.

Deregulation has long been the tune sung by Republicans, especially Reagan and George W. The idea being that if everyone is looking the other way, then the greedy Wall Street types can get away with murder, destroy companies for profit and send jobs overseas. "Greed is good," we heard in the movie Wall Street by the slimey Gordon Gecko played by Michael Douglas, and the Republicans have done all they could to feed that insatiable greed that real life Wall Street has had. But it has finally come to roost and laid a enormous egg of debt, right at the feet of us taxpayers. And it will be sitting there for our children and their children's children.

I don't like what greed has done to this country. McCain and his 7-10 homes and 13 cars. Who in heaven's name needs that many homes and cars? Obama has one home and one car. That is someone I can relate to and who I feel that I can trust to look out for the middle class workers. A man who helped the steelworkers on the southside of Chicago, who had lost their jobs when the steel mills were shut down. That's a man who understands the workers and their needs.  

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