McDonald’s Beating Video in MD a Hate Crime? (Graphic Vid)

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A McDonald’s beating video at a Maryland restaurant could have been motivated by bias. Was the viscous attack on the hapless patron a hate crime?


In Rosedale, Maryland, a suburb of Baltimore, a horrifying attack by two African American females on a defenseless Caucasian female took place at a local McDonald’s as employees stood around watching the violence unfold.

Baltimore County Police said that they received a 911 call for service at the fast food chain regarding an assault and fight.

RiemArcaden.McDUpon arrival, police discovered an unidentified white female, 22, on the floor experiencing what appeared to be an active seizure.

She can be seen writhing uncontrollably in the McDonald’s beating video.

Employees at the restaurant informed the responding officers that two female suspects viciously attacked the woman and departed moments earlier.

An investigation led to police apprehending the two females, 14 and 18, who are reportedly responsible for the assault on the injured female.

An analysis of the video beating shows several McDonald’s employees were present but did little to put a stop to the assault on the 22-year-old female. It appears that an employee filmed the entire episode, possibly from a cell phone.

While the attack took place in the restaurant, a male’s voice can be heard laughing, using profanity, and acting like a spectator at an MMA event.

Towards the end, the same voice behind the camera on the McDonald’s beating video can be heard warning the attackers to flee ahead of the police.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and the assault caught on tape revealed unrestrained rage and disregard for human life. The profanity and use of racial slurs could be a reaction to the passion in the moment, on the one hand.

However, a jury of 12, should this case be prosecuted, may find that the actions of the two females involved in the incident could constitute a hate crime.

A statement was issued by McDonald’s about the beating video that denounced the attack and said the company is cooperating with local authorities in the investigation.

Warning: Please use discretion when watching this video. The language and violence could be disturbing to some.

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Image: Wikimedia [not the actual location]

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