McDonald’s Beating Viral Video of Transgender Woman Shocks LGBT

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The McDonald’s beating viral video has LGBT groups enraged over the senseless attack of a trans-gender woman. Following the assault caught on tape, a hate crime prosecution against the two females involved is being demanded.

New information has surfaced in the horrific attack of a lone white female, who was attempting to use the ladies public restroom.

According to Fox News, the victim at the Maryland restaurant is a transgendered woman (link below).

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Coupled with the fact that she is white and her alleged black attackers used racial slurs throughout the assault, a group for Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgenders (LGBT) want the women to be tried for their role in a hate crime.

The advocacy group says that the proof is in the pudding about what the motive was regarding the brutal attack.

A statement from the LGBT group about the McDonald’s beating viral video was released, according to one website:

“It does appear that the victim was a transgender woman, and she was brutalized while people stood by and watched,” said the group’s Lisa Polyak. “There’s no excuse for that violence under any circumstance, but we would encourage police to investigate as a hate crime.”

Authorities stated that at this point in the investigation, there is no motive. However, Baltimore County Police did quote one of the arrested females as saying the fight was about the use of the restroom, not about the victim being a transgendered woman.

It appears prosecutors will have to sort out what constitutes a hate crime and what doesn’t. The evidence is very compelling in the McDonald’s beating viral video, and if it is allowed into evidence, there’s no doubt jurors will be faced with a dilemma.

There are various layers to this barbaric-style attack:

Racial slurs were used very frequently towards the defenseless woman, who is also a transgendered. Reportedly, employees at the Maryland McDonaldÂ’s encouraged the beating on the video by saying, “Beat that ‘trans’ woman.”

Was this a hate crime, a random act of violence, or was it racially motivated? What were your thoughts about the McDonaldÂ’s beating viral video?

Watch the video here (use discretion as some of the footage may be disturbing).

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