McDonald’s Chicken Getting a Flavor Profile Makeover

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McDonald’s chicken is getting a makeover. Just what will the McChicken facelift be? It seems the grilled chicken sandwich will move away from its Italian roots. The fast food restaurant is changing the seasoning for the sandwich.

Will you be Able to Taste McDonald’s Chicken Change?

McDonaldThe answer to that question is maybe. Previously, the chicken was flavored with an Italian flavor. Now, however, the McDonald’s seeks to achieve a more neutral flavor profile for the sandwich, so they are using mirepoix as a seasoning in the grilled chicken sandwich.

What is Mirepoix?

Mirepoix is a French seasoning. The mixture has onions, carrots, and celery, as well as salt, pepper. There could also be a little garlic and herb included in the new McDonald’s chicken seasoning. In all, it sounds like a bit of a fancy change, but most consumers probably won’t even notice it unless they ate lots of these sandwiches in the past.

New Bun for New McDonald’s Chicken?

Of course, consumers will most certainly notice the grilled chicken sandwich’s new bun at their favorite fast food eatery. Gone is the old bun that was oval-shaped. This change will make way for a delicious new round bun that has whole grains (every body needs these) and cracked wheat. That sounds like an altogether grown up and sophisticated sandwich. Tasty.

New Dipping Sauce Flavors to Compliment New Chicken

In addition to this exciting new chicken, McDonald’s is rolling out a couple of new dipping sauces. Well, the first one isn’t so much new as it is an improved version of the ranch dipping sauce. The new version will have more of a buttermilk flavor (okay). The second new sauce is Asian-inspired, and it will be a hot buffalo and sweet chili sauce.

In all, the McDonald’s chicken facelift appears as if it will be a good one. The addition of a whole grain bun will hopefully make the grilled chicken sandwich an even better option for those who are focusing on their health.

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