McDonald’s Happy Meals Get Healthier

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McDonald’s Happy Meals are, for many children, the choice for gourmet eating, but they aren’t exactly healthy. Now, McDonald’s is taking a step to change that a little by including less fries and adding fruit.

The move may not seem like much of a change, but it will cut the number of calories in the Happy Meal, now a too-hefty 590, by 20 percent, according to ABC News It will also cut sodium by 15 percent and saturated fat by 20 percent.

Each McDonald’s Happy Meal will include both fries, in a smaller version, and apples, or possibly some other fruit such as raisins or oranges.

Kids are not likely to object to the change as long as the meal comes in the familiar red box with the toy in it, and aside from saving some calories, adding fruit to the meal may help children learn to associate fruit with fun and even be more likely to pick a healthy snack later in life. With childhood obesity a major health issue, especially in America, every bit helps.

McDonald’s will start offering the new Happy Meals in some places in September, and all 14,000 McDonald’s will be offering the new meals by next April.

If you have children, what do you think? Will you feel better about Happy Meals with this change? Will your children be happy to accept less fries and more fruit?

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