McDonald’s Teams Up With FarmVille for a Day

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McDonald’s has teamed up with FarmVille for a one day campaign which will allow users of the popular interactive game to have a McDonald’s theme, and be rewarded with virtual items to place on their farms.

The Director of Media for McDonald’s USA, Anja Carroll stated “Joining forces with FarmVille is an incredible opportunity for us to engage with millions of players in the most popular social game.  What makes our FarmVille effort unique is that it reinforces important features of the McDonald’s brand while enhancing game play for FarmVille players,”

An article on states the game will only be available until midnight tonight, but users will have the opportunity to place a McDonald’s hot air balloon on their farms which will reflect their participation in this campaign

According to Zynga, who owns the FarmVille game, millions of people use FarmVille every day.  Just the amount of players via Facebook are over 61 million, so this seems to be a clever marketing technique on McDonald’s part which will allow the fast food chain to reach out to a wide audience.

A spokesperson for Appssavvy, the company which sold the campaign on behalf of Zynga stated “It’s not about the length of the campaign, it’s about the value add and a sense of urgency for players, which encompasses a mass audience, to engage,” The representative went on to add, “Social campaigns like this are about re-thinking the delivery and reception of advertising… It’s a way to engage where you’re relevant, not irrelevant.”

For any players who are considering participation in the game solely for the possibility of receiving McDonald’s coupons, or other offers, can play Frontierville instead, because the campaign will not include any special in store offers.  “Social campaigns could be about traditional forms of marketing, like coupons, but in this case, it is about enhancing the game experience while reinforcing important features of the McDonald’s brand,” added the Appssavy spokesperson.

It seems McDonald’s may be searching out new avenues in an effort to reach out to people since they have been under a lot of pressure lately involving their current marketing techniques.  Two cities in California have made effort to place a ban, or limitation on Happy Meal toys, and there is an impending lawsuit to be filed by the CPSI in an effort to ban all Happy Meal toys, with the accusation that the marketing technique promotes childhood obesity.

Perhaps we will be banned from playing FarmVille eventually, because our seeds are not certified organic by the USDA, and could be genetically modified.

Will you be playing FarmVille today in an effort to snag some extra items, and your own nifty McDonald’s FarmVille balloon?  Please comment below.




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