McDonalds To Recall Shrek Glass With Toxic Cadmium

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McDonalds will voluntarily recall Shrek glasses due to cadmium. Twelve million drinking glasses, which were part of a promotional tie-in with the newly released film “Shrek Forever After”, are being recalled after the discovery that the paint contained toxic cadmium metals which can cause kidney, lung, intestinal and bone damage. Parents are warned against further use of the glasses and are instructed to return the glasses to McDonalds for a refund.


Is it just me or are any other parents getting sick and tired of all these recalls that specifically involve children’s products? It’s all good and well that the problems are discovered and the recalls are taking place, but wouldn’t it be better if the products were made correctly and safely in the first place? It’s unbelievable to me that our children are continuosly being placed in health risks by major brand names like Tylenol and McDonalds that we as parents and consumers rely on and trust. And here I thought I lived in America, but apparently our manufacturing standards are no better than China.

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