McDonald’s Twitter Campaign #McDStories Fail

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McDonald’s launched a new Twitter campaign using the hashtag #McDStories. Unfortunately for the fast food giant, the idea turned out to be an epic fail. The beginning of the campaign used the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers, and that was okay, but the vague hashtag quickly got out of control.

McDonald's Twitter Campaign #McDStories FailObviously, when people take to Twitter and use a hashtag like #McDStories, everything to write is not going to be positive. In fact, people started using the tag to tell their McD’s horror stories. That is something McDonald’s should have thought of before going there because they obviously don’t want to spread that type of news around.

Using the doomed hashtag, unhappy customers used #McDStories to air their beef with the burger chain. One of the tamer tweets said, “These #McDStories never get old, kinda like a box of McDonald’s 10 piece.”

Within an hour, the fast food giant realized it was time to control the damage. Since then, that hashtag has no longer been promoted on Twitter. However, #MeetTheFarmers stayed, so the entire campaign wasn’t a loss.

Did you participate in the Twitter bash of McDonald’s using the vague hashtag? There is obviously a lesson to be learned here. Before promoting something on Twitter, make sure it is something that cannot be easily hijacked.

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