McDonald’s Worker Warns Against Ordering Grilled Chicken, Tells Truth About Food

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A McDonald’s worker warns against ordering grilled chicken at the fast food giant. This anonymous worker has told the truth about working and dining under the golden arches.

McDonald's Worker Warns Against Ordering Grilled Chicken, Tells Truth About FoodThe reason that GamesMisconduct63 does not recommend the grilled chicken at McDonald’s is because it ends up sitting a while because it doesn’t sell very quickly. Yuck.

Even with his cautions, it seems that he enjoys working at McDonald’s, and his location appears to be clean and safe, so that is encouraging for people who end up eating at the fast food restaurant when in need of a quick meal.

He certainly has some interesting stories to tell. While McD’s is well-known for its Monopoly game, you cannot pay for your food in Monopoly money. Have you ever tried something like that? It seems that people at this location have attempted to use the fake money to buy a meal.

What do you order to eat at McDonald’s? If you order grilled chicken, does GamesMisconduct63’s warning make you want to change your choice in the future? It is a little worrisome to know that something like chicken sits around for so long.

All in all, it is nice to hear that this McDonald’s worker enjoys his job and that his location maintains a clean lobby.

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