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1. What was the first “dream career” you ever wanted? (I’ve discovered not everyone has nurse/fireman/police officer on their list as a child. :-) My niece wants to be a taxi driver. I love it. :-)) I wanted to be a librarian

2. What did that change to? Then I decided I loved languages and I wanted to teach french and spanish.

3. When you were a teenager, what did you want to be, and did you take steps toward it?Then I decided I wanted to work in a hotel and thus took TRAVEL/TOURISM AND HOTEL MANAGEMENT. That dream fizzled as I partied hearty and studied too little.

4. How did your dream progress as you got older? I decided to be practical and got a diploma for secretarial and word processing. I decided I loved computers so this kind of work suited me. My dreams have changed so maybe I will be a world traveling multi-lingual writer.

5. How did life intervene? Did things go as you planned (once you were serious about that career)? Or have things changed again? Life intervened when I suffered a breakdown and got divorced. I moved to a smaller city and got a job as a peer counselor for a mental health agency. I retired early due to burn out, now I write and help my elderly mother inlaw and play grandma.

6. Are you happy with how life has gone, or do you wish you could go back and change certain aspects?I like the end result of my divorce and move as I met and married a great guy. I just would have studied harder in college if I could go back.

7. If someone presented you with the opportunity to get that dream job (the necessary schooling, a new position that has opened, etc.), would you do it? Of course I would.

8. At your age now (whatever it may be and you don’t need to disclose) would the necessary steps be the same as they would have been when in high school/college to getting that career? I would work harder as at my age I have a limited window of opportunity to get her done before retirement hits.


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