Meandering Along the Shores of the Southern Ocean ~ Part 1

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After leaving Torndirrup National Park in Albany, Western Australia, Magi and I decided to take the coastal road along the shores of the Southern Ocean.  Small cattle and sheep ranches dot the road.  Mag told me many of these ranches were settled after WWII when returning soldiers were given so many acres as a thank you for their participation in the war.








We meandered along, having nothing pressing, and took the many gravel side roads that led down to the many beaches that line the coast.  Unlike the beaches in Massachusetts, these beaches are secluded and little development has occurred to mar the landscape, nor are there beach fees.  Many fall in various national parks or state reserves.

Seeing a sign for Crusoe Beach, we decided to stop and take the rocky path through the scrub down to the beach.

Pathways such as this one, where you can’t see far ahead, really excite me.  You never know what you may find at the end.










Back in the car once more, we continued down the scenic highway to Denmark where we had a bite to eat at the Bibbulmun Cafe.  (The Bibbulmun Track stretches for  1,000 kilometres from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills to Albany and many hikers find it quite a challenge.  Throughout our stay in the Southwest, we utilized the track for short hikes at the various national parks.  I keep threatening Magi that one day we will hike the whole trail.  I wonder why he doesn’t appear to be enthusiastic about my suggestion?)

Leaving the Cafe, we headed over to Ocean Lookout on the Wilson Inlet. On the way there is a picnic area and Mag wanted to stop and take a few pictures of the flooded park.  It was here we saw our first blueheron.

Mag was really excited when he captured the next shot with the blueheron circling me.

Wilson Inlet


Ocean Beach is my favorite beach in the Southwest.  Last year we spent many hours here.  Unfortunately this year, it was rather chilly and the wind was really blowing off the ocean.

I was able to get a few good pictures of the beach as well as the wildflowers that grow on the side of the cliff.




Can you believe all this beauty and the fact we had it all to ourselves?

Photos by Magi and Bob.

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