Meaning of Tina Fey Daughter’s Name Penelope Athena

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Tina Fey named her daughter Penelope Athena, and now people want to know what 30 Rock star’s name choice means. While it is a beautiful moniker for the baby, who was born just last week, joining Alice Zenobia.

Meaning of Tina Fey DaughterIt seems that Tina Fey honored her Hellenic heritage with both Penelope and Athena. While the baby’s first name actually cracked the top 200 most popular this year, the common nickname “Penny” really has not been wildly popular since sometime in the 1980s. Can you picture the star calling her daughter Penny or Penelope? If she were your daughter, which name would you choose?

Of course, most people realize that Athena is an ancient Greek name. The woman was the daughter of Zeus. It seems that the ever funny Tina Fey has done an excellent job naming her daughter two lovely, classic names while paying a nod to her own roots. With such odd names coming from Hollywood recently (Bingham anyone?), it is nice to hear such a lovely, classic name from a star.

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