Meaningless Gun Control Measure Holding Nation’s Internet Hostage

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Gun control is back on the agenda as liberal democrat Sen. Frank Lautenberg is refusing to pull a useless amendment from a vital cyber-security bill being debated on the floor of the Senate. The New Jersey democrat has ignored pleas from both sides of the aisle to drop unrelated amendments from the bill which is designed to protect the nation’s power grid, financial networks and transportation system. But in an effort to score political points among the anti-gun forces, Sen. Lautenberg seems to be abusing his senatorial power by delaying the implementation of a bill that will protect national security.

Using the recent tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, to promote a renewed effort at restricting second amendment rights of Americans, Sen. Lautenberg renewed his calls for new legislation almost immediately after the shooting. His latest attempt involves the banning of high-capacity ammunition clips, something that a number of his fellow Senators have been forced to remind him has nothing to do with protecting cyber-security.

So as the nation’s cyberspace is left unprotected, New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg is holding each man, woman, and child’s Internet service hostage. But not only has Lautenberg risked the nation’s Internet service, he has left American financial institutions and transportation systems open to attack by any number of enemies. And what for, a useless gesture that has no chance of actually passing?

Senator Lautenberg’s actions only reinforce the fears of millions of Americans: a government that restricts the right to keep and bear arms. And what do Americans need high-capacity magazines for? To protect themselves against a tyrannical government that would take away their guns. In other words, to protect themselves from the likes of Sen. Lautenberg and his ultra-liberal, overbearing, know-it-all friends who would impose complete government control over their fellow citizens.

What is needed right now is for all gun owners to contact Sen. Lautenberg and demand that he put the security of the nation and the safety of its citizens before his personal political causes. Banning high-capacity magazines and holding Americans hostage over useless and dangerous gun control amendments is not only hazardous, it is treacherous.

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