Meat Therapy(WWE, 4/25/12 [5/02/12], Len Maxwell )

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Shrink: I see you’re back, GM.  This time with your girlfriend…uh… Lulu…correct?

GM: Yes and yes.

Shrink: Ladies first.  Lulu, why don’t you start.

Lulu: (She chews gum while she talks) Well, Doc, it’s a long story about a long dress…well…it used to be long but not anymore!

Shrink: Please continue…by the way…what on earth is that smell?!

GM: It’s her dress, Doctor.

Shrink: Her dress?

GM: Yeah…well…you explain, sweetheart.

Lulu: Sure thing, doll face!  Since it’s my turn to talk!  Anyway, Doc, I’m a big Lady Gaga fan and when I saw her wearing a meat dress, I had to have one too!  I’m afraid I’ve owned this one for awhile.

Shrink: Uh huh.

Lulu: As I said before, this dress was long, down to my ankles but now it’s so short my meat panties show.

Shrink: Yes, I can see that.

Lulu: GM here claims he’s a vegetarian but I think he’s a closet meat eater!  Literally!

Shrink: Oh?

Lulu: Yeah, Doc, I’d bet my meat panties that he sneaks into my closet at night and eats a hunk of my dress!

Shrink: GM, is this true?

GM: No way!  Too much cholesterol!

Lulu: Ha!  He’s one of those people in…what’s the word?

Shrink: Denial?

Lulu: Yeah!  He’s in denial and I ain’t talking about the river neither!

Shrink: (He coughs) Well…GM…let’s hear your side of things.

GM: With pleasure, Doctor!  I am not in denial!  I don’t eat meat, pure and simple!

Shrink: So why is her dress getting shorter?

GM: Well…we have rats.

Lulu: Bullsteak!

GM: Shaddup!  It’s my turn to talk!

Shrink: I’m afraid he’s right, Lulu.  Let him finish.

GM: Thank you.  Now where was I?  Oh yes…the rats.  You can even hear them squeaking in the closet.  They even make little munching noises as they pare down her dress–

Shrink: OK, GM, I get the picture.  Lulu, have you ever considered the possibility that wearing a meat dress is a dumb idea?

Lulu: Lady Gaga wears one and she’s the smartest person in the whole wide world!

Shrink: Even if that’s true, you really should throw that thing away…and the meat panties too.  They attract flies!  I’m not a vegetarian, but after meeting you today I just might become one…oh my!  Lulu, what are you doing?!  No, dear, I didn’t mean throw it away this second…


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