Medal Count for the 2010 Olympics–Total Increases–US Wins Some

NNN has discovered that the reported number of medals awarded in the 2010 Olympics has increased over yesterday.  The 2010 Olympics medal count is greater today than it was yesterday.  As of this writing NBC reports a total of 54 medals having been awarded.  Dr. Grizbor Tznucq JD, DDS, DVM, NNN Philosopher in Residence and Cardinality Consultant commented:  “As events like the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver continue, the reported medal count normally increases.  We like to call this phenomenon ‘medal count creep.’  It’s similar to the fisherman’s story about the monster trout.  It starts out as 24 inches or so and soon becomes 36 inches or more.”  Dr. Tznucq went on to say “Our best estimate is that 3 medals have been awarded so far.  We don’t expect the final count to be more than 10.”

Oddly enough, the medals are divided into three groups of 18, gold, silver, and bronze.  NNN has obtained a photo purported to be an image of the 3 medal types. don’t guarantee that the actual medals awarded will look anything like this nor do we guarantee that the objects in  the picture are made from the metals mentioned.  Note that the count of medal like objects in the picture is 3.

Pierre Fermat, NNN Number Theory Scholar, offered the following observation:  “It’s very likely, assuming that there are 3 varieties of medal, that the final number of medals awarded will be an exact multiple of the number 3.  The number 3 is prime and triangular.”

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