Media Take Out: Will Smith, Jada Pinkett’s Potential Split Caused by Wild Ways?

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Media Take Out is claiming that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett’s potential split is caused by her wild ways! Yes, the tabloid site which prides itself as “The Most Visited Urban Website In The World” states they have exclusive information about a split that even Smith and Pickett’s people have denied.

According to Media Take Out, Will and Jada’s marriage is “on the rocks” and “in the midst of a marital STRIFE” because Pinkett is freakier than Will. Apparently Smith just wants to live a normal life and do normal things, but his wife is unhappy with that.

The site states, “What’s the trouble? Well, word is that Will is NO LONGER interested in certain . .. ERR . . . UNCONVENTIONAL THINGS that he and Jada were engaging in. According to one insider, now that their children ARE OLDER and may be able to SEE STUFF . . . he wants to have a more CONVENTIONAL marriage with Jada. But Jada… would like to keep their marriage JUST THE WAY IT IS.”

Fortunately though, Will Smith and Jada Pickett have had their representative publicly state that divorce and split rumors are false. So, it seems they are still a happy couple after all, freaky or not.

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