MediaTakeOut Asks: Is Will Smith Cheating? Spotted Sans Jada Pinkett, Dining with Blonde

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There was buzz of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett on the verge of divorce recently. Now, has photos of Smith dining with a hot blonde sans Pinkett. The urban tabloid website is running the story as if Smith were cheating on Pinkett. See the photos here.

WILL SMITH & JADA PINKETT 8X10 COLOR calls Will’s dinner date very “COZY,” stating they “looked very friendly, and were later joined by friends.”

However, the dinner date didn’t look like anything too bad. In fact, it looked like he was having a business meeting. A celebrity of Will’s caliber wouldn’t take his cheating out to the public. He has a squeaky clean image that would be completely ruined if anyone ever found evidence of him cheating on Jada.

The photos were taken at a well lit restaurant/bar and there weren’t any signs of intimacy; just a few smiles. Will Smith fans can rest assured that Smith probably wasn’t cheating and that Jada Pinkett and him aren’t headed down divorce row.

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