MediaTakeOut: Beyonce and Jay-Z’s in Trouble? He Tried Cheating With Liv?

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MediaTakeOut is asking tough questions about Beyonce and Jay-Z’s fake, uh, real marriage. The website claims to have photos of the woman, Liv, that Jigga tried to cheat on Bey with! And, here’s more… Liv is beautiful.

Beyonce 8X10 Photo - New!! - Wow!!! #04Media Take Out claims that Beyonce’s husband tried cheating on her with a young rapper named Liv. But, the singer wasn’t down with being a tramp. Instead Liv wants to break into the business on her own rapping merit and not by “SLEEPING HER WAY TO THE TOP.”

If these claims are true then what fans thought was a solid relationship is really just a sham and a shame.

This is just the latest in MTO’s allegations that there’s trouble in Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage. The site also claims, “Bey spends HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS on plastic surgery, makeup and styling.”

Whatever the truth may be, it sure isn’t as juicy as what is spun by websites.

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