MediaTakeOut: Beyonce’s Baby Blue Ivy Carter Gets Shameful Offer for Photos

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Beyonce can usually be seen with her baby Blue Ivy Carter strapped to her in a baby carrier. And, a blanket of some sort can always be found on top of Blue Ivy’s head. Most people know the reason for the blankets is because Bey is doesn’t want the paparazzi taking photos of her daughter.

Beyonce 8X10 Photo - New!! - Wow!!! #04However, did you know Beyonce’s actions go beyond just protecting her baby? According to, the singer was offered a shameful amount to display Blue Ivy’s photos. Jessica Simpson was reportedly paid $800,000 for her baby Maxwell Johnson’s photos, so you would expect Bey to get an offer in the same ball park, right?

Well, MTO has a story stating the singer was only offered $250,000 and that is the real reason why Beyonce has her baby covered up. Apparently, Bey doesn’t want any photographers to make a quick buck off of her daughter. Blue Ivy won’t be seen until that $250,000 offer goes way up.

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