has Tyrann Mathieu’s Naked Photo Showcasing Huge Private Part

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A naked Tyrann Mathieu is shown in photos on If embarrassment is what happens when a man’s nude photos are leaked, Mathieu could go the other way and be proud. In the photos, the LSU college football star is supposedly shown holding onto his private member.

As the website put it, “Heisman trophy hopeful Tyrann Mathieu is a monster on the field… and he’s got a MONSTER in his pants! His JUMPOFF sent in pics – ALLEGEDLY showing his FOOTBALL SIZE JANK!!”

For those who aren’t hip to urban lingo, Jumpoff means a woman that is just used for sex and not the girlfriend type. Jank means penis. If the photos are actually of Mathieu, they are shocking to say the least. However, in a world where more and more celebrities are caught in sexting and naked photo scandals, Mathieu is not alone in his shame.

In fact, Tyrann Mathieu will probably be more famous and desirable now thanks to

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