MediaTakeOut: Diddy, T.I. Fight in Atlanta? Fact or Fiction? (Video)

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MediaTakeOut has a story that Diddy and T.I. got into an argument while in Atlanta during the weekend. According to the tabloid site, things escalated and Puff Daddy a.k.a. Diddy got slapped down by T.I. Shocking gossip, isn’t it? The thing is: this story truly could just be fiction because other media sources are claiming T.I. actually stepped in to calm Puff down.

MediaTakeOut’s story: During a party in the Atlanta nightclub, Compound, Puff started “acting up” because several celebrities were not drinking his vodka brand, Ciroc. The tabloid’s supposed inside source said, “Diddy was acting silly, he [knocked] the drink out of [popular DJ] Kenny Burns’ hand and was threatening people. TI took the mic [at the club] and threatened Diddy … he said if Diddy didn’t stop it, TI was gonna do something that would get him locked up again. Diddy kept acting up and TI slapped [Diddy].”

However, the more reputable wrote that Puff Daddy was hosting the event. Apparently, “Diddy began to call out a person inside the club for promoting against his sponsored brand of fire water – using some colorful terms to express his disdain. Snatching the drink from the partygoer, the man began to approach Diddy. Sensing trouble brewing, T.I. played ambassador of good will and calmed down the potential blowup by taking the microphone from Diddy – earnestly suggesting that Diddy and the man take things down a few notches.”

So there you have it: two different versions of the same story and as they say, every story has two sides unless you are a celebrity, then, your stories have at least 6 or 7 sides. Both MediaTakeOut and MTV has had false stories published so it is now your call as the reader to determine for yourself what went down in Atlanta this past weekend. Did Diddy and T.I. have a brawl or not?

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