MediaTakeOut: DMX, George Zimmerman Will Fight in Boxing Match for Charity

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MediaTakeOut claims DMX and George Zimmerman are set to fight in a boxing match for charity. The website is up in arms claiming the rapper will help the former neighborhood watch captain make millions thus it is calling on its legion of readers to boycott the rapper. The decision will be a hard one for fans because most people want to see Geoge’s butt get beat but tuning in would mean that they are supporting Zimmerman in some way.

MediaTakeOut’slink is titled, “BOYCOTT DMX!!! Rapper Agrees To Make George Zimmerman MILLIONS OF DOLLARS . . . In Celebrity Boxing Match!!”

It leads to TMZ’s story that Zimmerman and the rapper have officially agreed to duke it out in a celebrity boxing match which will help fund an unspecified charity. Fifteen thousand hopefuls applied for the chance to beat up George but the rapper-turned-retiree received the coveted spot. Celebrity boxing promoter Damon Feldman helped set up the event and has made the official confirmation.

George Zimmerman is definitely not on the top of DMX’s friends’ list. In fact the 43-year-old rapper is ready to tear him apart. Speaking about Zimmerman, he said, “I am going to beat the living f**k out him … I am breaking every rule in boxing to make sure I f**k him right up.” He also added he would urinate on George’s face after the fight.

The free-for-all boxing match promises there will be no lawsuits following the fight so you can only imagine how many millions of people want to be in DMX’s shoes. But, the 43-year-old rapper needs to start training asap because 30-year-old Zimmerman has been undergoing intensive training for months now. Most are confident the rapper will wreak havoc on the once pudgy murder but whether or not that will actually happen is to be seen. More details will be announced next Wednesday.

So, do you think that MediaTakeOut is right to call on people to boycott the fight? It seems like a double-edged sword.

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