MediaTakeOut: ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Atlanta’s Stevie J and Mimi Reunite following Fight with Niko

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MediaTakeOut claims Love & Hip Hop season 2 will have Stevie J reuniting with Mimi. Yes, season 2 is turning out to be as crazy and ridiculous as season 1. Then again, what do you expect from a bunch of self-centered, fidelity-challenged celebrities?

So here’s a rundown of what supposedly happened according to MTO: A couple of nights ago, Mimi and Niko were in Atlanta celebrating at his video premiere party. Cheating Stevie crashes the party and professes his love to Mimi. She is the mother of one of his children after all.

Niko gets upset when he sees that Mimi is eating up Stevie’s bull. However, instead of stepping up to Stevie, Niko starts a fight with Mimi and starts calling her all kinds of names including “Damaged Goods!” He then kicks Mimi out of his party and she leaves with… Stevie J.

It’s so sad. After all the heartache and drama Stevie’s caused Mimi too. It looks like she will never be able to break away from him. He’s like a virus that takes over her world before killing her with some kind of STD.

If what MediaTakeOut claims about Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is true, you can start the cry-fest now.

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