MediaTakeOut: Naked Photos of Erykah Badu’s Sister Nayrok Covered in Blood Revealed

Filed in Gather Celeb News Channel by on June 1, 2012 0 Comments has shocking naked pictures of Erykah Badu’s sister Nayrok. The photos are shocking not because Nayrok is naked but because she is covered in blood. These are promotional shots so chances are it’s not real blood but it is still really shocking.

Naked PhotosNayrok is supposedly an up and coming actress. She’s obviously taking Lindsay Lohan’s approach at trying to bolster her fame: wild, outrageous photographs displaying all your naked glory is sure to have directors calling, right?

Along with those bloody pictures are a couple of Nayrok sitting in a bathtub full of golden glitter. Yes, she’s still naked and no, there’s no blood in sight.’s photos—all four of them—are sure to please her fans.

Well, don’t be surprised if Nayrok Badu is still only known as Erykah Badu’s sister. It’s hard living in the shadow of a famous sibling but naked photos probably won’t propel you out of that shadow.

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