MediaTakeOut: Nude Big Sean Leaked Naked Photo Explains “Big” Nickname

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MediaTakeOut has a photo of rapper Big Sean showing the world why his nickname is “Big.” The uncensored and NSFW picture shows Big Sean in a bathroom filming himself holding onto his sizable penis. It’s hard to tell if the photo has been altered, stretched or manipulated in anyway. See the shocking NSFW photo here.

However, if the picture is a real one then the rappers’ fans won’t have to worry if his musical career tanks because he will most definitely be welcomed into the porn industry.

Big Sean was obviously quite proud of what he was packing because the photo shows him web cam-ing himself onto his Toshiba laptop. Who knows what it is that drives celebrities or even normal everyday people to go out and film or photograph themselves naked when the usual outcome is that the photos become leaked.

Anyway, unlike other stars, Big Sean is probably proud of his naked photo. Frankly, many men would be if they were him.

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