MediaTakeOut: TI and Tiny Divorce? Cheating Caught by Private Investigator, Buys Groupie Mercedes

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MediaTakeOut claims TI and Tiny were definitely headed for divorce. Tiny reportedly hired a private investigator to trail TI. The private eye caught her rapper husband cheating on her and she was not happy. Who can blame her? She’s got six, count them, six kids with her man!

Anyway, MediaTakeOut claims all the trouble started when TI began sleeping around with an unnamed groupie sidepiece. He acted like he was so addicted that he blew tens of thousands of dollars on the heux. He even went so far as to buy her a white Mercedes. The sad thing is this woman was reportedly very close with Tiny and used that friendship as a way into a relationship with TI.

Tiny became suspicious and hired a private investigator to trail the rapper. All his dirty deeds were uncovered and she realized he’d been cheating on her for a while. This happened back in November but since then the divorce rumors ramped up. TI recently said they were not going to divorce each other but that hasn’t stopped haters from speculating.

TI and Tiny reportedly worked things out thanks to counseling but who knows what will happen in their future. There are always rumors surrounding these two reality stars. There were even leaked sex pics supposedly showing them but the divorce rumors trump sex rumors any day.

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