Meet Cheryl Cole’s New Man!

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It seems Cheryl Cole might be in for some mistletoe kisses afterall – although they won’t be with ex-husband Ashley Cole!

The 28-year-old singer has been linked with Patrizio Pigliapoco, who at only 21, is 7 years her junior. Patrizio has been helping Cheryl to launch a career in the States, after her stint on the US X Factor came to an abrupt and premature halt earlier this year.

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A source close to Cheryl revealed that the pair have been getting very close, and late nights working together have lead both of them to believe this could be the real thing. Cheryl is said to be smitten with Patrizio’s carefree attitude, which mimics what she told the media she was trying to find herself earlier this year, and Patrizio freely admits he thinks the singer is gorgeous.

Talking to friends, he is reported to have said the pair bonded over English swear words, and has a very high opinion of her. “When I met her I thought, ‘Oh my god she’s gorgeous!’ I think she’s great. She’s got swag, that’s the word here.”

“Everything happened so fast. Four months ago I was on tour with a group as engineer and now I am spending nights with Cheryl Cole. I thought her ex-husband was crazy to cheat on a beautiful woman like her.”

It seems Cheryl might have finally found a man who truly appreciates her, and has the perfect attitude to life…although if romance does bloom here, Cheryl might spend less time in her native country, and more over in the States.

While Cheryl did fly home for the festive season yesterday, she was looking suitably glum at LAX airport…perhaps she was hoping Patrizio would join her for the festive meal she’s so looking forward to cooking?

It seems the ball is firmly in Cheryl’s court, with Patrizio finishing his interview stating; “I wish I could ask her out on a date – but she’d tell me no. She’s out of my league.”

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