Meet the Parents: Joe Jonas (Sans His Purity Ring) Meets Ashley Greene’s

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Lots of buzz is swirling regarding two of the Jonas Brothers and the absence of their purity rings. Now word is out that Joe Jonas has had a “Meet the Parents” date, traveling to Florida to meet the parents of his love interest Ashley Greene.

Joe Jonas Meets Ashley Greene’s Parents

According to People Magazine, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene had been “keeping their romance on the down-low for the last couple of months.” However several sightings of the couple have been made recently in public, and they weren’t doing anything to hide the fact that they’re in love.

A source told People reporters that although Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene haven’t been dating for all that long a period of time, they are quite serious about each other. Jonas traveled with Greene to her parents home in Florida recently for an official “Meet the Parents” type gathering.

Where’s That Purity Ring, Joe?

It makes one wonder whether or not that missing purity ring might have come out of hiding to make an even better impression on Mom and Dad Greene when meeting their daughter’s love interest for the very first time! reports that it is definitely missing, and so is the chaste behavior that accompanied it….at least when he and Greene are together. In fact, the web site’s sources say, “When they’re not travelling, they’re basically living together.” Oh, Joe!

Joe Jonas is part of the infamous Jonas Brothers. He is 21 years old. Ashley Greene stars in the “Twilight Saga” movies, and is 23.



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