Meet the ‘Psychologically Unstable’ Sister of Jill Kelley, Petraeus Did

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Meet the “psychologically unstable” sister of Jill Kelley. Her name is Natalie Khawam, and it turns out that she knew David Petraeus too according to Tuesday’s breaking news.

Petraeus was asked by Khawam to help her in her efforts to regain custody of her son when her marriage to a venture capitalist went south after a year of marriage. And the NY Post reports that he wrote a letter on her behalf to the court two months ago.

Lot of good it did him, as the judge in that case isn’t impressed with Natalie Khawam at all. In fact he’s downright leery of her, saying she is “psychologically unstable.”

Jill Kelley’s sister lost custody of her child last November after the judge figured out she was lying about child abuse and domestic violence claims she was making. He brought in a court-appointed psychiatrist to confirm his suspicions during the custody fight, who felt not only was the domestic violence and child abuse claims a farce, but that Natalie had a real issue with grasping reality altogether.

Which brings up the question: What was a CIA Director doing sticking his neck out for someone like that legally?

David H. Petraeus 2004No wonder his wife is beside herself. Her decorated military husband might be the hero on the battlefield–or at least the military boardroom–but he was definitely not a smart guy when it came to hooking up with Paula Broadwell or sticking his neck out for Kelley’s sister.

And it is beginning to look a lot more like Paula Broadwell’s father knew what he was talking about when he said there was a lot more to the Petraeus scandal than anyone knew according to Gather News.

The FBI went back to Broadwell’s home late Monday evening and removed items from it, including two computers, as well as other things. And they photographed the home inside and out as well, creating speculation that David Petraeus may now be facing criminal charges.

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