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Challenge: What did you do when you won the mega million dollar lottery?


Normally I do not play the lottery. The odds are too long for me but the last jackpot of the “Mega Millions” drawing was over 1/2 billion dollars. It was just too hard to resist. So when I  stopped to get an ice tea at my favorite 7Eleven I bought five tickets. Three of lucky numbers of my own and two easy play just in case the computer had better luck than I did. I went outside to my car and immediately began day dreaming about what I would do if I had that kind of money just like every other “gambler” that day.

The experience took me back to my childhood when I would take a JC Penney catalog and pretend I had no limits to what I could spend. I spent hours picking out dresses and shoes, toys, and bedroom furniture. Totally engrossed in what I wanted my parents or siblings never seemed to enter into the equation. All I knew was I was tired of handmade clothes and furniture.

Years have passed and I believe I have grown a bit in wisdom and humility. First off I would attempt as hard as I could to keep my name anonomyous. Difficult to impossible I know but maybe I could grease some palms now. I would hire an attorney, a set of accountants, and investment people. A difficult task seeing how much trust would be expected. However with that all done I would “disappear” for six months and then begin with the initial first decisions.


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