Megadeth Music Saves a Boy From Wolf Pack Attack

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MegadethÂ’s music does more than just rock! Apparently, if you turn it up, it will save lives too! A 13-year-old Norwegian boy was saved from a wolf pack attack when he thought quickly and blasted some heavy metal music. Yeah! Even though the boyÂ’s taste in music is questionable, his memory of how to react in dire situations is not!

The boy was walking home when a pack of 4 wolves descended upon him. Like something out of a B-movie, he quickly remembered that he should stay still and not run. He also remembered that loud sounds scared wolves away! Fortunately, he had been listening to Megadeth on his cell phone so he simply turned up the volume and blasted the wimpy creatures away!

Yeah! What an amazing story! LetÂ’s hope itÂ’s true. It would be a shame if it wasnÂ’t and some poor soul was walking around listening to heavy metal and then tried to scare away animal attackers with it only to be attacked!

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