Megan Fox Aborts Black Baby. Is there any truth to it?

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The latest rumor to hit the Internet is a rumor of Megan Fox, star in Transformers and Jonah Hex, aborting a black baby. All week its been Justin Bieber died of this and that and now we have Megan Fox being the new target? Is there any truth to it?

You know folks, when I ask what’s next, its gotten to the point where, I really do want to know. Why? Well its simple. Back in the 80’s, we had this supermarket rag called, The Weekly World News. I used to buy these things because they made me laugh with headlines like, “Bat Boy goes on Terror Rampage” and “Girl sprouts Unicorn Horn from her forehead!”. It was like having a non musical Weird Al album to read during my break time at work. When it disappeared, I was bored.

Fast Forward 20 years (Give or take a year), Now, we have the biggest supermarket tabloid at our finger tips. Megan Fox aborted a black Baby? Really? No.

If you believe that, or any of the latest rumors running wild on the internet, you have no life, and no possibility of ever having one. You cat will eventually abandon you, because being a dogs chew toy will be preferable to living with you. Oh an just to inform you… Just because you have had cyber-sex, doesn’t mean you aren’t a virgin. Hopefully, none of you reading this, are that unintelligent.

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