Megan Fox Armani Ads Saving Her Career?

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Would Megan Fox even have a career now if it were not for Giorgio Armani? From the looks of things, Megan should be excited to get a disastrous 2011 over and move on to 2012. At least Armani has paid some of the bills.

Think back for a second about what Megan Fox has been up to lately. Can’t think of anything beyond fighting Botox use claims and talking about her tattoos? Actually, things have been unbelievably silent for Fox in her career. After getting herself kicked out of the Transformers movie Megan does not seem to be getting a ton of calls for acting gigs.

Thankfully, for Megan Fox (and guys everywhere who like to look at Ms. Fox) there is her gig with Giorgio Armani. Megan’s lack of an acting career has certainly freed up time to make plenty of commercials for both the women’s and men’s sides of the Armani company.

Still, did Armani actually bank on Fox being a more marketable figure? In other words, did they expect her star to be brighter when they signed her up for their ad campaigns? They probably did. Lucky for Megan Fox, they have not dumped her yet, since that seems to be all she had to hang her hat on in 2011.

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