Megan Fox “Doesn’t Wear Make-up”

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Megan Fox claims that she doesn’t wear make-up. What? Is this like the “I don’t Botox” claims? Actually, Fox, claims that she hates to wear make-up at home.

Who can blame Megan? She wears make-up, and lots of it, while at work, so why should she be forced to get all dolled-up at home. So, is “no make-up at home” a hard and fast rule for Megan Fox?

I don’t wear make-up when I’m not working, unless I’m going on a date with my husband.

Still, fans are used to seeing the big, pouty, Angelina Jolie-like lips and plenty of thick black maskara in photos. What gives? Perhaps this is why Megan Fox is known to have “great skin” in many circles. At least the raven-haired stunner has that going for her, because her acting certainly leaves plenty to be desired! The question is this: will people question the claim that she hates to wear make-up at home just as much as they question her claim that she doesn’t use Botox?

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