Megan Fox Easily Embarrassed at Movies, Especially in 3D

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Many would think if an actress as hot as Megan Fox appeared on-screen that she wouldn’t mind seeing herself at the movies. Not in Megan’s case! The former Transformers star admits she doesn’t like watching herself on film and is embarrassed.

“I would never watch myself just in 2D so I’m definitely not going to watch myself in 3D,” Fox said. “I can’t imagine that it’s that different as far as what people see of you in the films. But I’m going to watch plenty of other films in 3D just none of my own because I get embarrassed.”

It’s not news that a lot of Hollywood stars don’t like watching themselves in movies. They view scenes they wish they did differently, don’t like the angle of the camera, or wish they redid a particular part. It’s too late to second guess what was taped so it’s easier for them to avoid the movie altogether. Even movie stars have the same insecurities regular people do when it comes to cameras.

Megan Fox has gotten a lot of press for her more casual style recently and rumors she may have gotten fillers surgically inserted in her face. She’s an icon of fashion trends and is the new cosmetics model for Giorgio Armani.

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