Megan Fox Grocery Shopping Dressed for Blizzard

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While Megan Fox is not shooting Armani ads, it looks like she is spending her free time getting ready for a holiday shindig. Yep, paparazzi were able to catch Megan and Brian Austin Green at the grocery store doing what people do at a grocery store…buying food.

Look, plenty of people are interested in Megan Fox. She is stunning. She is an actress (this is debatable). Now the real news is that she eats! Wait; stop the presses (sarcasm).

Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green made their way around the grocery store picking up a variety of snacks and ingredients. From all reports, she came prepared with list in hand.

The question is this: what exactly is a big deal about a married Hollywood couple going to the grocery store? Are fans curious about what they eat to keep their good looks? While some may find that interesting…it probably comes down to Megan’s coat. It is understandable that one might be chilly with lows in the 40′s in Hollywood, but her fur-lined coat may be a bit of overkill…it isn’t like it’s 20 below or anything.

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