Megan Fox High School Pic & Future Thumb Surgery…! {HIGH SCHOOL PHOTOS}

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Megan Fox in high school shows that the Megan Fox we now know is hot today and she was still hot back in high school. In the pics from high school is very easy to spot a gorgeous and seductive Megan Fox.

Reports indicate that Megan Fox has undergone a nose job, lips restructured as well as breast implants. I really don’t understand why people can’t just love themselves the way they were created. I mean she was no dog in high school, instead Megan Fox was a real looker.

Sources say the in the 2010 Super Bowl Commercial, Megan Fox had a stinking body double for her thumb. What is wrong with her thumb? Is man now rejecting the ugly thumb of Megan Fox because that is the only natural part on her body. Okay so I am exaggerating, I just don’t like how celebrities think they have to change themselves so society can drool over people, like Megan Fox even more.

So stay tuned for the upcoming thumb surgery of Megan Fox! I am absolutely floored when I see a star have normal breasts rather then augmented breast. I actually think…wow now THAT is a confident woman.

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