Megan Fox Is Pregnant, but She’s Getting Attention for Another Reason

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News that Megan Fox is pregnant surfaced Wednesday when it was announced Star magazine had an exclusive on the story. A source claims Fox and her husband, Brian Austin Green, haven’t made it public yet, but are telling their closest friends about it. On the same day rumors hit that the pair are expecting a baby, Megan’s interview in Jalouse magazine revealed that she admitted not wanting to trade places with an “unattractive” girl. Who can blame her? Though it’s understandable she’d feel that way, actually saying it comes off a bit conceited.

“I live well with my image. I cannot complain. I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl,” Megan Fox said in the interview.

In an E! Online poll, the votes were split three-ways: 34.5 percent felt Megan should have kept a comment like that to herself while 32.7 percent agreed they wouldn’t want to trade places with an unattractive girl, either, and 32.7 percent felt at least she was honest and should be able to speak her mind.

Did the 25-year-old actress go to far in saying such a bold statement? It’s not a secret that a celebrity of that magnitude certainly wouldn’t change their looks, but does it make her less likable for putting down those not as “attractive” as she is?

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