Megan Fox Lipstick Tips…Who Knew?

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Megan Fox was pressed recently to spill some make-up tips. Specifically, how on earth does she choose the right lipstick color to accentuate her luscious lips? She still has those going for her.

Megan, who recently says she tries to not wear too much make-up (read about here), but when she does, she knows how to pile it on. Now she is sharing how she picks out her favorite bright-red lipstick.

It’s hard to match yourself to a red, it depends on your skin tone…Giorgio Armani Beauty’s Rouge d’Armani in Rouge 400 is the perfect shade for me.

Wait, is this really a tip or is it just an advertisement for Armani. Giorgio Armani is about the only thing that Megan Fox has going for her these days (aside from her stunning good looks). Goodness knows that her acting career isn’t what it could be.

A girl has to make a paycheck somehow, so why not pimp cosmetics on the side. Just think of her as an upscale Mary Kay lady…short one pink Cadillac

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