Megan Fox Not In Transformers 3–Fired or Did She Quit?

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Access Hollywood confirmed that Megan Fox has been dropped from Transformers 3. Oh what a shame…really? Megan Fox, who plays Shia LaBeouf’s love interest in the first two Transformers, is not returning for the third, is not being replaced for a new bombshell. Simply the creators wanted to take Shia’s character, Sam, in a new direction; they believed a love interest would hold him back. Interesting…

Even more interesting is Megan Fox told People Magazine that it was her decision not to return for Transformers 3. Fox doesn’t really have anything else going for her, except random nude pictures of her that pop up on the internet every once in a while. Thus I don’t think it was Megan’s decision not to return for the third movie.

Megan Fox getting fired from Transformers 3 does not come as a surprise. There were reports that Fox did not get a long with the crew members or director, Michael Bay, comparing him to “Hitler” and “Napoleon.” Harsh girl! The Transformers crew retaliated in Michael Bay’s defense by posting a nasty letter on the directors website; calling Fox “thankless, classless, graceless.”

Despite every man in America being bummed that Megan Fox will not appear in Transformers 3, I highly doubt it will affect ticket sales in an extreme way. Needless to say girlfriend better check her attitude or she’ll wind up like that mess that used to be Lindsay Lohan.

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