Megan Fox Playing Men for Fools Online?

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Megan Fox is playing warrior games online with men and they don’t have any idea she’s the one sitting behind the computer screen! While they make fun of her game name, the 25-year-old movie star admits it’s funny watching the guys give her a bad time.

People don’t automatically connect A-list celebrities with being online playing warrior games. It just doesn’t come to mind right away. The internet is as free a world as America and even the biggest stars enjoy what it has to offer in the way of entertainment and information.

Megan says of those making fun of her game name:

“I play online mostly and (other gamers) have no idea. They make fun of my gamer tag too because it is funny. They are all a bunch of guys and it is clear that I am a girl so they make fun of my name, and they have no idea they are making fun of me.”

What games does Megan Fox play?

“I have Halo: Reach. I have a complete addiction to that game. It is sick,” Fox once said.

This just goes to show game players never know who they’re really making fun of. It’s a good way to be a fool without even knowing it!

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