Megan Fox, Pregnant and Scared of Losing Baby?!

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At this point, whether Megan Fox is or isn’t pregnant, the tabloids are exploiting her “pregnancy” by creating a baby scare! According to reports, Megan is ready to take the keys to the car away from Brian Austin Green, as his reckless driving could cause the actress to lose the baby.

In a recent National Enquirer story, the sexy Megan Fox apparently is “fed up” with her husband Brian Austin Green’s driving habits. As a matter of fact, according to an unnamed source, Megan has “threatened to ban him from driving their baby unless he obeys the speed limit.”

According to Gossip Cop, this is a bunch of garbage! That’s right, Brian Austin Green may or may not have a lead foot, but Megan isn’t scared out of her mind about losing the baby nor has she given Brian some sort of ultimatum dealing with his driving safety. If in fact Megan Fox is pregnant, she shouldn’t be too worried about her husband’s driving, that’s for sure.

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