Megan Fox Pregnant? Brian Austin Green Stays Silent… Sort of!

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As the Megan Fox pregnancy rumors continue to swirl, at least one man is toying with the media and fans. Megan’s husband (and potential baby daddy) Brian Austin Green is dumping gas on the fire, nearly telling the world what most believe to be true, but not spilling the beans.

Then again, there are the bikini pics. See, Brian Austin Green has tweeted about how happy and excited he and Megan Fox are, and then he has gone back and said he cannot confirm nor deny the pregnancy rumors.

This Megan Fox pregnancy is almost as crazy with the speculation as the Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth engagement/marriage rumors this week. Except Brian Austin Green has his hands around Megan’s “baby bump” while they stand on a beach.

So what is the verdict? Pregnant or not, Megan and Brian look happy and that is all that counts. That the two are waiting to make an announcement and not turn Megan’s pregnancy into a complete media circus is actually commendable, right?

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