Megan Fox: Pregnant, Dangerous, and Linked to Selena Gomez?!

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Megan Fox is not only pregnant, she is also dangerous. Apparently, so is Selena Gomez according to recent report that says that that the two celebrities may be some of the most dangerous to do a Google search on.

Fox, Gomez and several other celebrities tend to be at the top of the ‘most searched for’ list on the internet. Of course, using the names of stars like Selena and Megan is an easy way for cybercriminals to target unsuspecting web surfers.

The software company McAfee just came out with a list of their top ten celebrities they found to be “most dangerous.” Headlining the list were the likes of Megan Fox and Selena Gomez. Emma Watson (of Harry Potter fame) was number one, with many other notable celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Sofia Vergara and Eva Mendes also making the top 10.

Surprisingly, Kristen Stewart and Katie Holmes weren’t seen as big of a threat at as some on the list littered with plenty of female stars.

It is hardly surprising that hackers are trying to use celebrities to lure unsuspected web browsers to their websites and inflict malware on machines, trying to steal passwords and other personal information.

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