Megan Fox Topless Photos Leaked to the Web (VIDEO)

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Megan Fox is hopping mad about the topless pictures that are floating around the web today. She told Allure Magazine in the June issue that she wants to ‘physically harm’ whoever took leaked photos of her topless as she swam in a lake and climbed the steps to the dock in the buff.

That’s just the latest news. The sexy prints of her latest skinny dipping photos (it’s happened before – nowhere near as nice these high res eye openers though) covering up the comments she made about her OCD. It has to do with exploding toilets and used silverware at public restaurants.

She wouldn’t be the first Hollywood star to give in to obsessive compulsions when it comes to cleanliness and germs. What’s in the water out there in LaLa Land?

Sorry. Can’t link to the pics here. But trust me, you’ll find them pretty easy.

CelebTV made a nice video about her OCD though:


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