Megan Fox Yearbook Picture (Video) and Besos y Lagrimas

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Megan Fox yearbook picture is beautiful enough to inspire besos y lagrimas?  Actually, Besos y Lagrimas is a Saturday Night Live skit and host Jennifer Lopez appeared in it last night.  Besos y Lagrimas translation is “Kisses and Tears.”

I’m sure the pretty Megan Fox yearbook picture seen below definitely inspires kisses, if not tears. 

The real Besos y Lagrimas is a comedic Spanish soap opera skit on SNL.  When I was younger, my friend’s mom would cry all day to the Spanish soaps.  Jennifer Lopez, one of my personal favorites, hosted SNL last night and made a cameo appearance as a nun in Besos y Lagrimas.

With two gorgeous ladies in mind, here is YouTube video of the Megan Fox yearbook picture and Jennifer Lopez (with JaRule) singing, “I’m Real” (another fave of mine): 


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